Using Content Creation to Drive Product Sales

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Here at Jam Eater we help brands, retailers and Marketers create mouth watering recipes that not only help drive an audience to a call to action, but also help to reach out to a new and growing audience.

Our content is also perfect for journalist that are writing about topical events and products. When you have a great story there is nothing better than enhancing with a recipe to inspire the reader and engage.

Data capture is a key way to grow a data base of potential customers, by posting engaging recipes you can grow a relationship with your audience before trying to enter them into a sales funnel.

Below is our simple banana bread recipe, this recipe was created during Covid 19 lockdown where people had panic bought lots of fruit, stuck inside with nothing to do but bake and looking for things to do with their children. As a result on of our clients quickly sold out of loaf tins to bake banana bread in.

Video Recipe

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