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Double Sirloin Steak with Caper Butter Sauce


I’m a big fan of cooking joints of beef rather than steaks, they cook much better as they need be be on a lower heat for longer, that way you get more flavour into the beef. Served up with my caper butter sauce, its the perfect dinner party dish.




16oz sirloin joint (2 servings) 2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp sea salt
Half tsp of cracked pepper 1 garlic bulb

1 tbsp Rosemary 1 tsp Thyme
50g butter

For the sauce:

50g butter
3 salted anchovies
1 tbsp capers
40ml red wine vinegar 300g rainbow chard


Here’s how:


To start, ensure you remove your steak from the fridge and leave out for 15 minutes to bring the meat up to room temperature.
Preheat a frying pan.
Season your steak cut with olive oil followed by salt and pepper.

Place your meat in the frying pan with tongs and move around to ensure the cut doesn't stick.
Leave until the edges are crisp and rotate to cook on the other side.

Now add butter, garlic, rosemary and thyme to your pan. This will help cook the steak and infuse your meat with delicious flavours.
Check your steak temperature with a thermometer this will ensure your meat is cooked to your preference.


45°C to 50°C


55°C to 60°C


60°C to 65°C


65°C to 70°C

Well Done

70°C and above

For the sauce:

Add the butter, garlic and herbs into a pan. Followed by the anchovies, capers and red wine vinegar. Stir and bring the sauce to a gentle boil.
Wash thoroughly and season the chard with salt.
Cook in a separate frying pan until wilted.

Serve with a glass of Malbec or a good Chianti.


Recipe by Peter Sidwell

Double Sirloin Steak with Caper Butter Sauce

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