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Flatbread with Pork, Prune and Mango


This fruit combo is such an explosion of flavour. I love the ease of this recipe and it truly delivers on flavour. Topping the pitta with sausage meat that has been flavoured with coriander and ginger works so well with the fresh fruity toppings from the mango salad. This is definitely worth a try next time you’re in the kitchen.



6 Cumberland sausages
1 thumb of ginger, peeled and chopped
1 tsp coriander seeds
12 Chopped prunes
2 tbsp mango chutney
1 handful fresh coriander, stalks for the topping & leaves for the salad 4 pitta breads

For the salad

1 red chilli, finely, chopped 1 red onion
1 lime
2 fresh ripe mangos

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil


Here’s how:


Cut the sausages out of the skins and place in a mixing bowl with the ginger, coriander seeds, chopped prunes and the chutney.
Chop the stalks off the coriander and add to the sausage mix before mixing together.

Divide the sausage mix into 4 portions and spread on top of each of the pittas. Place the breads onto a baking tray and cook for 15 minutes at 170c.

While the breads are cooking make the salad topping.
Slice the red onion as thinly as possible and place in a mixing bowl with the juice of one lime.
Add the chopped red chilli.

Peel and slice the mango into match sticks and add to the red onion mixture with the chopped coriander and olive oil.
Mix the salad together and when the pitta breads are cooked top with a handful of the salad.

Serve with a cool IPA beer for a great flavour


Recipe by Peter Sidwell

Flatbread with Pork, Prune and Mango Herb Salsa

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