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Muscovado and Sumpkin seed Cookies


This is a lovely, buttery shortbread recipe. The muscovardo sugar creates a delicious treacly flavoured biscuit. This recipe can be made up and put into the fridge for up to two weeks, so you can cut off a few portions when you want to bake them, or you can freeze the dough for another day.



250g butter (room temperature)

50g caster sugar
75g muscovado sugar
1 egg yolk

1 tsp vanilla extract 375g plain flour 100g pumpkin seeds


Here’s how:

Place the butter and both sugars into a mixing bowl and beat together until light and fluffy.
Stir in the vanilla and egg yolk, then add in the flour and pumpkin seeds.
Stir the mixture together and roll into a sausage shaped dough.

Transfer to the fridge for 1 hour before cutting 2cm thick slices.
Bake the shortbreads on a non stick baking tray 160c for 12-14 minutes.


Recipe by Peter Sidwell

Muscovardo and Pumpkin Seed Cookies

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