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Treacle Tart with Ginger and Lemon


This great British classic treacle tart is updated with lemon and a little ginger for a full flavour in this delicious recipe.



Makes 1 tart that serves 6-8




For the pastry
150g plain flour
75g butter
3/4 tbsp cold water to bind the pastry together

For the filling
1kg golden syrup
4 medium eggs
400g fresh breadcrumbs

2 lemons, zest and juice

1/2 tsp ground ginger


Here’s how:

Make the pastry by placing the flour and butter into a mixing bowl. Using your finger tips, rub the butter and flour together to create a bread crumb type texture. Pour in a little cold water and with a metal spoon stir together to form a dough. Wrap the pastry up in cling fling and chill for 20 minutes while you make the filling. Warm the golden syrup a little in the microwave, you don’t want it boiling hot just warm so its a little runny.
Whisk in the eggs, lemon juice and ground ginger, then pour in the oats and breadcrumbs.
Using a spoon, stir the mixture together and leave to stand.
Remove the pastry from the fridge and carefully roll out to approximate 1/2cm thick.
Line your tart tin with a piece of baking parchment that sits in the base.
Lay the pastry into the baking tray and push into the corners.

Place the pastry back into the fridge to allow it to firm up, this will help avoid any shrinking.
Remove from the fridge and trim off the excess pastry that is laying over the side of the tart tin, all you want is a base of pastry, none up the sides. Then prick lots of small holes in the base and then place in a pre heated oven for 15 minutes at 180c.

Stir your treacle tart mixture together before pouring over the part cooked pastry. Bake the tart for 35-40 minutes at 160c until the centre of the treacle tart is firm to the touch.


Recipe by Peter Sidwell

Treacle Tart with Ginger and Lemon

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