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Tuna and salsa verde spaghetti


Salsa verde simply means green sauce in Italian. It is packed full of flavour and super versatile. The salsa can be served with steaks, vegetables, fish and as I have done with this recipe, stirred through pasta and served with a humble tin of tuna for a quick and easy midweek dinner.



Serves 4


360g Dried Spaghetti 1 tbsp Salt

For the salsa:

1 Garlic clove
3 Anchovy fillets
1 tsp Dijon mustard
2 tbsp Capers
3 tbsp Red wine vinegar
6 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil

2 Handfuls of flat leaf parsley

2 160g tins of tuna in oil


Here’s how:


Cook the pasta in a large pan of salted boiling water for 9 minutes.
Meanwhile place all the remaining ingredients into a food processor and blend until smooth.
When the pasta is cooked, lift out of the boiling water with a pair of tongs and place in a large frying pan on a low heat.
Add the salsa verde and mix together.
Finally drain the tuna and gently stir into the pasta.
Finish with a few twists of black pepper and serve.


Naturally, green salsa goes well with a wine that has a green streak. Sauvignon Blanc, a light white wine with a “green” flavour note that can come across as freshly cut grass or green bell pepper. It’s the perfect match.


Recipe by Peter Sidwell

Tuna and Salsa VerdeSpaghetti

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