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KFC Salmon

KFC Salmon

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Jam Eater Subscription

Having fantastic quality content, is vital to establishing a successful online presence. Being able to deliver mouthwateringly delicious recipes with not only beautiful images but engaging video, audio and written copy. This kind of content that has historically been expensive and specialised, however we now offer a more affordable option. Our subscription library allows you to choose your package allows you to download files from our online library. You can tailor your package to the number of files you require for your marketing needs. Each download includes: multiple images, audio files, written copy and videos. Our content is spread across multi media formats, to allow our customers to optimise their content via SEO and social media. Our library is an ever involving platform, we are continually uploading new and relevant recipes to keep up with a fast paced food scene. Our files offer incredible return on investment as each download can work out as low as £40. We do this by offering limited exclusivity of our content. Click below to sign up!

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